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Our War Veterans

A few days ago I was at our local DMV renewing  my driver’s license, nothing extraordinary. I wanted to get it before heading out of town for some hiking. So I get there and am waiting for my turn when I see this elderly couple at one of the counters.  The gentleman was having his eyes tested for his driver’s license. The lady at the counter asked him to read the lines. Which he did. Then she asked him if […]

A Quick Look at Our Work: Furniture Photo Gallery


Working with clients at the shoot.

Working with the clients during a photoshoot can be both rewarding and challenging. We will give two examples of each, although they are extreme, most fall well within these. We had a furniture client in last week and on the day we were going to shoot the tables, she said she wanted to come over and see how we worked. Now in most cases when we get paid by the project, we can go at our own pace. But this […]

Using a commercial studio for a corporate video

Say you are producing a video for a fortune 500 company. The video is to be shown at an annual shareholders meeting. The purpose of the video is to inform the shareholders about the recent financial performance by the company, major shifts, policy updates This would be an instance where you need a studio to fulfill that request. The focus of the video is to communicate information and data, not to put forth the best possible scenic arrangement. This is […]

Importance of Sound in Video Production

When dealing with video production, sound quality can sometimes be pushed to the side in terms of priority. It’s usually a lot easier to control what’s in frame vs the difficulty in capturing audio on the spot. Even when you get the opportunity to record in a professional setting, there can still be a lot of challenges. These challenges can sometimes dictate what kind of sound profile your videos end up having. Fortunately, technology and some handy tips can minimize […]

Importance of Model Releases

A model release is something that is fairly common place in the world of photography and other visual media.  This release is usually signed by the client or subject, and in the case of a minor his or her legal guardian.  The purpose of this release is to grant permission to use the photographs in a host of different areas.  Depending on the wording and context of the release, the release can allow for a whole host of reasons.  A model […]

The Basics of Lighting

What is lighting?  No more than an afterthought when going through your day.  You probably don’t stop yourself when eating lunch to admire pristine lighting conditions.  Well, you might if you’re a photographer.  In this post we’ll go over a bit of information on general lighting conditions and things to keep in the back of your head.   We can begin broadly with ambient lighting.  Ambient lighting is often the most significant and if you are outside of a studio […]

Basics for a Photo Shoot- What do you need in your studio?

A studio is a key tool for professional photographers everywhere. It allows them to work in an environment that is more controlled and tuned to their specific requirements. It is not a necessity to take photos, but it is crucial for when you need to capture something that is not of professional quality. A studio allows the photographer to manipulate many inputs available to them to craft the perfect picture for whatever its use might be. This could include personal […]

In Studio or On Location?

For shooting commercials and working on other video projects, the use of a fully functional studio may be preferred to going somewhere on location.  The determination between the two will come some time in the planning phase when you solidify what the guts of project will look like.  By the guts, i mean a rough outline of the video project that includes a plot, a general idea of a shot list and what sort of thematic quality your production might […]

Filming Day

In this post, we will go a little more in depth about the day of the filming. Things to look out for and some useful advice tips. The day or days of filming can be the most stressful part of any production process, whether it is done correctly or otherwise. One thing that you want to try to avoid is making last minute changes during the shooting process to ease the burden somewhere else in the production. It is important […]