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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Importance of Model Releases

A model release is something that is fairly common place in the world of photography and other visual media.  This release is usually signed by the client or subject, and in the case of a minor his or her legal guardian.  The purpose of this release is to grant permission to use the photographs in a host of different areas.  Depending on the wording and context of the release, the release can allow for a whole host of reasons.  A model […]

The Basics of Lighting

What is lighting?  No more than an afterthought when going through your day.  You probably don’t stop yourself when eating lunch to admire pristine lighting conditions.  Well, you might if you’re a photographer.  In this post we’ll go over a bit of information on general lighting conditions and things to keep in the back of your head.   We can begin broadly with ambient lighting.  Ambient lighting is often the most significant and if you are outside of a studio […]

Basics for a Photo Shoot- What do you need in your studio?

A studio is a key tool for professional photographers everywhere. It allows them to work in an environment that is more controlled and tuned to their specific requirements. It is not a necessity to take photos, but it is crucial for when you need to capture something that is not of professional quality. A studio allows the photographer to manipulate many inputs available to them to craft the perfect picture for whatever its use might be. This could include personal […]