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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Phase 2:

The pre-production phase gives our vision, which we conceived in phase 1, a solid and definite direction. This phase is key to giving legs to your project. Before you move forward, it is key to have a completed script, storyboard, production schedule and any other logistics you will need to solve to complete your video project. If you do move forward without completing the pre-production duties, you risk cost overruns in the form of production delays or paying for unanticipated […]

Phase 1: Development

The first phase of video production can often take a lot time to hash out is usually the most integral part of the video production process. In order to move forward with the project, we will have to identify the purpose, storyline and style of the video. Each of these three elements will play a key part in determining the timeline, budget and overall production plan. Without solidifying those three elements, the production process can stagnate or even come to […]

Phases of video production

Phases of video production Last week we talked about the concept development and treatment. That is where the idea starts to bloom. Lets discuss the overall video production today. These can be broken down into five steps or phases. Most videos go through this process even though it may not be so obvious. The first phase we talked about last week. The concept development and the treatment (which overlaps a bit into the next phase of pre production). The Four […]

What to Look for in a Video Shoot.

A successful video shoot has many components that need to work seamlessly with each other to make art. Let’s talk about the first step. Concept development. Video is an audio visual dynamic medium. Therefore almost every element that goes into it has to be thought out beforehand. Without proper planning, the video will suffer from the lack of direction. There are two major steps that need to be flushed out. First is clearly defining your concept and the second is […]