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Monthly Archives: October 2016

A Quick Look at Our Work: Furniture Photo Gallery


Working with clients at the shoot.

Working with the clients during a photoshoot can be both rewarding and challenging. We will give two examples of each, although they are extreme, most fall well within these. We had a furniture client in last week and on the day we were going to shoot the tables, she said she wanted to come over and see how we worked. Now in most cases when we get paid by the project, we can go at our own pace. But this […]

Using a commercial studio for a corporate video

Say you are producing a video for a fortune 500 company. The video is to be shown at an annual shareholders meeting. The purpose of the video is to inform the shareholders about the recent financial performance by the company, major shifts, policy updates This would be an instance where you need a studio to fulfill that request. The focus of the video is to communicate information and data, not to put forth the best possible scenic arrangement. This is […]