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Allume Studios provides low-altitude, aerial filming and photography using remote-controlled multi-rotor camera platforms. We capture stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots without the need for helicopters and with far less noise intrusion or dolly rails; all at a fraction of the cost. Our system offers far more flexibility than traditional methods for obtaining aerial or elevated vantage point images and film.

Allume Studios pilots and camera operators are FLYSAFE Ground School and Flight School Certified. Additionally, we are fully qualified under FAA Section 333 exemption for piloted missions.

Using a motion stabilizing gimbal and video ground station system, we provide smooth images from the air which can be viewed in real time, enabling the pilot, cameraman, client and director full control of filming angles and framing.

We provide broadcast quality HD films and high resolution stills for a wide variety of clients and applications, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, sporting events, additional events and commercials. Allume Studio offers full in-house production capabilities.

If you would like to talk to us about taking your films and photography to a higher vantage point, please contact us.